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All the knowledge to become a flash master is at your finger tips. These sites bellow are a good place to start learning.

Download Flash.
You can't start making flash untill you get your hands on a copy of the software. Fortantly you can download a 30 daytiral version on adobes website.

Flash Directory

A list of the most useful flash tutorials sites, FLA source files & places to find scripts.

Tutorial Sites
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Need help with your flash projects?

Every Wednesday @ UMBC
Flash Friends is an Adobe Flash tutoring group Meeting every wednesday, 8:00pm - 11:00pm in UMBC's visual art building room #113.
More info about tutoring group.
  • Flash Beginners
    From 8:15 - 9:00pm
    New to Adobe flash, want to learn swing by and learn the basics in a small group atmosphere where your can ask questions and get personal instruction.

  • Open Tutoring Session
    From 9:00 - 11:00pm
    Come anytime during the 2 hour session and get help on your school or personal flash related projects.

Video from Visual Concepts 3 Class, March 7th

Our Games!
Gym Credit
Here is the first game of the new year. We say hello to Neal the lab monitor then we high tail it to racket ball class to show off our athletic abilities.

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Top Scores
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We take a little field trip to watch the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra perform an animation created by members of UMBC's Imaging & Research Center.

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Films & Games, from the world wide web.


Animated by: Jimmy Joe Roche

Ghost Zane is the most recent work from underground film maker Jimmy Joe Roche.  As displayed by Ghost Zane, Jimmy Joe Roche is a true auteur that could be compared to film-maker Kenneth Anger due to the frequency of occult themes in his films.  Like his other films, Ghost Zane presents ambiguous visual content within the framework of a linear narrative.  Although events within the narrative proceed in a sequential fashion, the imagery within the work is highly surreal and it should not be always taken literally. 
     In addition, the visuals of Ghost Zane are raw and unapologetic in that they seem to confidently present unadorned and somewhat unsettling imagery.  For instance, Roche often blatantly inserts symbols and practices that are often associated with the occult such as pentagrams, sacrificial rituals and images of Baphomet (an androgynous goat-headed supernatural being with wings that is often associated with the dark arts or those who reject Christianity).  While the iconography associated with the occult might be disturbing to some viewers, the potency of this content is diluted due to Roche’s highly saturated color palette, and his illogical usage of stock video footage.

     Ghost Zane also combines the audio work of electronic musician and performance artist Dan Deacon, a long-time contributor to Roche’s films.  Due to Deacon’s dark synth-based beats and his affinity towards the absurd, his audio work blends seamlessly within the bizarre milieu that is Ghost Zane. 
30 days: 30 shorts

Animated by: Adam Phillips

30 Days: 30 Shorts is a massive animation undertaking executed by Australian animator Adam Phillips. Phillips emerged as an independent animator in 2004 after a lengthy stint at Disney. Within his freelance career, Phillips has created the majority of his work through the use of Adobe's Flash application. Phillips has gained an extensive fan base though his Brackenwood series and other animated shorts such as Taken (2005) and HitchHiker (2001). Within the 30 Days: 30 Shorts series, Phillips has created thirty self contained animations within a thirty day time-span. While, each animation within the project is roughly eleven seconds long, each short clearly exemplifies the black humor and the fluid animation that Phillips is known for.

Animator - PES

Pee-NUT is a traditional stop animation piece created by American animator PES.  PES gained instant notoriety with his first animated short, Roof Sex (2002).  Like Roof Sex, Pee-NUT imaginatively utilizes inanimate objects to depict a familiar activity.  Through his use of exaggerate d sound effects combined with surreal and often perverse imaginary, it is clear that PES has been influenced by Czech surrealist artist Jan Švankmajer, the director of the stop-animated classic feature Alice (1988).  However unlike Švankmajer, a great deal of PES’s work can be readily available within the realm of popular culture due to his commercial work, for media mammoths such as Nike, Bacardi and Diesel jeans.

Director - Run Wrake

Rabbit is an animated short created by British-born animator and illustrator Run Wrake.  Wrake attained notoriety through his quirky commercial work for NME magazine and MTV.  While not targeted towards children, Rabbit utilizes classic fairy tale structure and visuals reminiscent of 1950’s children’s books to deliver an allegorical narrative that alludes to man’s futile attempt to control forces that are ultimately uncontrollable.

Squares 2

Developer: gavon shapiro

Squares, the approachable and addictive little flash title. Collect black squares, if you hit a red square it's game over. Daft Punk sampled soundtrack gets the game play pump'in.

Jetpack Mission

Developer: stimunation

Help this wriggles stick of gum save his girlfriend from cavitie causing evil candy. Great graphics and wicked jet pack physics game play.

Paths 2

Graphics: Armor Studios
Coding & Ideas: Glaiel Games

This puzzle game requires you to draw a path that is then used to navigate a ball through tons of challenging levels. The game is nicely polished and has a balance between planning your path and then dragging obstacles out of the way of the ball.
Hot Air

Developer: nitrome

Use your mouse as a fan to blow your hot air balloon to safety. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Nitrome has a large catalog of innovative titles such as Rolypoly & Scribble. Hot Air exemplifies their development style, gameplay that understands browser based gaming, level based progress, and pixel graphics containing the ghosts of a 16bit era.

Developer: Gionatan Iasio

Designed in Italy by Gionatan Iasio, WarBears is a clever puzzle game, in which you command a task force of cute little bear commandos. Each member of your task force has their own unique special skillset. WarBears is not an easy game, but the sublet attention to detail and witty sense of humor rewards you at every corner.
The Way Home

Developer: Orisinal

Play a squirrel while scaling rooftops and window sills. All while collecting cherries & cup cakes. The subtle animations and pleasing music will touch you in that special place, found deep in side the concept you have of your own personal soul.

Art Events
Local Art related event for you to patron.

When: March 2-23

100 (or so) drawings recreated from memory of ones originally made during the high school, middle school or elementary school years by 100 (or so) people.

Ultimate Reality
Info: The Walters
Artist: Wham City
February 23, WHAM CITY PRESENTS @ The Walters Art Museum 7PM $Free: Ultimate Reality (Video by Jimmy Joe Roche, Music by Dan Deacon,
Percussion by Kevin O'Meara, & Jeremy Hyman)

Glittering Ruin
Info: CurrentSpace
Artist: Jimmy Joe Roche
Date: February, 2, 8pm

View installation work by video artists Ben Furgal & Jimmy Joe Roche. Gallery Reception February 2end 8pm at the currentspace gallery located in downtown baltimore.

Art in Baltimore
Local Art venuies in baltimore.

Baltimore Museum of Art
the Walters
Charm City Arts Space
Current Gallery


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