What do these animals
know about web_design?

So we made a game, or at least the beginning of one. If you do manage to keep the video alive for the almost 7 min's of rather boring video footage, you well experience us discuss how we are no longer are an official Adobe user group but O'Reilly still sent us some free books about flash. Oh also I'm failing my graphic design class, thanks a lot academia, though truthfully it probably is my own fault i can't help feeling like i'm getting scammed.

Big thanks
to every one the helped out with this weeks video computer game thingy.

sorry about the spelling guys, when you see me just give me correct spelling, rig thy!

People who came..
Just want to thank the people who came to flash friends last week!
Aaron Clark thanks!
Here is his anima site that we mention -

Julian was also there, but i didn't really help him.