flash fiends.
Happy Holidays & welcome back to schooooooooooool. Last week jason from thewebwok.com and i hacked out a little video player for his web site. Julian was also there and he pointed out an animator who we will probably feature in next weeks Kwabs corner.

Enjoy this weeks game.

Last week we also took lasts our perverse game for a test drive, and discovered it gets rather boring after the first 15 seconds. So enjoy the new version, There are still many bug, we are having problems with the scoring system it seems that flash is not freshly reloading the XML scores. Hopefully that issue will get resolved in a day or two.

Thanks everyone.

Acting/Apperence in Video-----------------

  • You can also hear james & joelle's voices in the begin.
  • Sara of mainstreetsara.net & Duck, thanks guys!
  • Neal the mac lab aid/grad student. Giving thumbs up and not hassling us.
  • Jason explaining the game, and Pawel was there via skype but declind to have any of his speech in the video.

Game Development -------------

  • Paul Smith of technetic.org for his php scoring script
  • As always Kwabena Appiah for moral guidance, conceptual development, & jelly animation. thanks Kwab!