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Happy BirthDay!
Im now 23 Another year closer to death
a time to reflect on how pathetic your existence has been up to this point in time. This year instead of spending the night alone in my room comparing my accomplishments to other people my age i decided to have a little celebration with some of my special friends.

Why are we changing the format?
Well last week flashFriends was pretty much the worst ever, unfortunately it's only our second week. So instead of trying to bang our heads against a well we deiced to revise our approach. Above are some excerpt from our productive brainstorm session.
Were hitting the streets!
Telling people about flashFriends new and improved format

So think your to stupid to learn flash, that's ok! Because now even with no experience you can come to flash friends and will walk you through the basics. Thursday evening show up at 8pm and you can get you feet wet. You'll be impressing you sufficient other in no time!
But Wait?

I already know the basics but i have specific issues that need answers.
So you know how to do motion tweens, make a keyframe, maybe you even know some actionscript. No Problem, Starting at 8:30pm you can have your personal questions answered in an informal setting. No question is to big or too small, if we can't help you we can definitely point you in the right direction. cya!

<--- the NEW Schedule.

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As we our composed mostly
of snotty college student
bastards we of course
love this brilliant
elitist friend network.
Thanks to newsfeeds
my stalking productivity
has jumped 250%.

adobe is an official adobe™ usergroup Looks like we sold out, that didn't take very long.

Our Host. We have fast servers!

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