UMBC's only macromedia flash™ & web stuff usergroup meeting once a week!

All about Gradients, baby!.
This week is all about the gradients & the color pallet, plus were gonna
hook you up so you can start building your own web space using dreamweaver.

October the 12th Thursday evening from 8-10pm
in umbc visual arts building in room 113

The undercapitalize gradient tool, aww

...and here is the pallet

What are we going to do?
  • Were gonna learn how to use shape tweens to cerate interesting gradient effects.
  • How to make simple textures in both photoshop and fireworks
  • And then how to import those texture in to flash and then lay them on to vector polygonal objects
  • Finally and most important we are going to show you how to hook dreamweaver up to your umbc provided student web space.

If your confused show up and will show you what were talking about.

Download this week files!!!

Finished Project. This is what you could make if you have lot of free time on your hands.

October 9, 2006 7:34 PM


Animation by - James Fox Taggart, Click to See him in action!


First meeting, a success!
We had about 8 people show up and we all learned a lot about flash, except for Maria who most likely already new every thing we talked about.

Along with covering motion tweens & some of the new blending effect found in flash 8, we also discussed the proper workflow used while working with graphic built in photoshop and then animated in flash.

cya next week!
for now i have to write a 7 page paper
that due in like 36 hours. =-O

Kwabena suggest you watch this animation.
Salad Fingers
Maybe the single most disturbing flash animation i have ever seen. So turn the lights down low lock your bedroom door because your in for a delightfully treat.

October 8, 2006

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Why not, learn on your own?
Screw academia, become you own teacher.
is rather cool, have some more info.
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  2. We are also kinda affiliated with Artcom! - Kate Better is the current president and she is awesome.
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    Our group is held at university of maryland baltimore county, but we <3 people form all walks of life. Community College is great, save a couple grand, that's what i did!

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